Where has the pride gone

Okay, here is my first real rant 🙂

As you read in the ‘About Us’ I’m an Englishman living in the Netherlands.

I’m proud to to call myself an Englishman.
We British have done a lot of good things in this world, and some really bad things.

I regularly visit the U.K. to visit friends and family, and to soak up some of the best countryside in the world.

But it dismays me to see how some British are.
The cities are dirty and unkept. Even in the countryside you cannot escape the litter.

Where has our pride gone.
The British ‘uniform’ is a tracksuit.
People don’t treat each other with understanding and respect, instead there is a mentality of every man for himself.
Where has the caring gone. We no longer look after the needy, the feeble or elderly.